QuartCourt and the Case of the Hidden Radiator

This is our kitchen counter:

You may notice there’s a large grill-type thing protruding from it.  Turns out, there is a radiator behind the counter, and that grill-type thing provides ventilation.

That’s right. They built the kitchen counter and cabinets around a radiator.  A radiator that has been running since we moved in.  Tonight I decided to finally figure out a way to turn it off, and I was afraid this would be difficult because the thermostat was about 3 feet below the counter top.  And it looked icky down there.

But wait!  What is that little piece of wood up against the back of the cabinet?  How did I not notice it before?

I was worried when I saw the screws, but, as so often happens here in China, it wasn’t constructed *all* that well, and it popped right off!

For the record, it was set at the max “5″ when I opened it.

Success!  I am SO excited that I have finally managed to cool off the kitchen counters – and all of the food that is stored in that cabinet!  Now, to figure out how to replace the light bulbs in the bathroom fixtures . . .

3 Responses to QuartCourt and the Case of the Hidden Radiator

  1. Oh my gosh. Hilarious.

  2. Ha ha thats soooo funny. It’s like a little mystery tour :-)

  3. Well that’s bizarre. I should tell DJ he has to come to China with me so he can fix your heating system…

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