Chaoyang Park Adventure

Yesterday afternoon we decided it was time to explore our local park, Chaoyang.  We live in the Chaoyang neighborhood in Beijing, and our apartment looks out over Chaoyang Park, but before yesterday we’d never set foot inside.

It was about a 15 minute walk to the closest gate (there are at least 15 different entrances), which took us past some pretty awesome local flavor:

It had the desired effect - Will is saluting and Naomi is marching in place.

It was a pretty cool, breezy, overcast afternoon and we had the park essentially to ourselves, which was a good thing, because the kids just wanted to run and run and run.

I managed to get them to slow down for a few shots.  Look! Flowers are finally blooming!

We spent most of the time looking for the “Crouching Dragon on Water,” and were underwhelmed when we found it. It was kind of fun to see where the 2008 Olympics Beach Volleyball competition took place, though (that’s what that building is in the distance)!

We caught a bit more of the local flavor on the way home:

We saw just a fraction of the park during our visit. It’s huge, and apparently has several roller coasters, a planetarium and lots of other exciting (and probably quite dangerous) things to see and do!

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  1. Very cool – love the animals crossing the path!
    This post reminds me…. do I send to send you some pink shoes in Naomi’s
    next size?

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