Easter Saturday

Today we went to the Embassy** for a “Spring Craft Fair/Egg Hunt.”  The kids got to decorate their own cupcakes, color Easter pictures and – to their delight – bounce like wild people in a bounce house.  Naomi was NOT a fan of the Easter Bunny, and I can’t say I blamed her.  Even after she saw his neck and confirmed it was a person in a costume and not just a scary giant bunny she was unwilling to say hello to him – even though she would have gotten a bottle of bubbles from him.

The egg hunt was split into age groups – 3 and younger went first and 4 and older went after them.  I stopped Naomi after she picked up about 6 or 7 eggs because I couldn’t tell how many there were, and because she was at the older end of the spectrum wanted to be sure there were enough for the littlest ones.  Unfortunately the big kids got started early, and by the time all of the eggs were picked up some of the kids didn’t have any, and others had tons.

Will ended up with tons, and when we ran into a girl who hadn’t gotten any eggs he felt bad for her and gave her about 15 of his.  He didn’t complain and he wasn’t sad – he completely understood that he’d been lucky to pick up so many eggs, and he wanted her to have eggs to enjoy as well.  It was awesome, and we were so proud of him.

It was my favorite part of the day, even better than watching the Ambassador pull a garbage can over to the craft table to clean up when the event as over.  As a side note, when Ambassador Locke first came to China he made waves here when he was spotted standing in line with his backpack to buy his own Starbucks at the Seattle airport (the link is to a New York Times article about this – it’s a great read).  The Chinese never see senior officials carrying their own bags, much less standing in line to buy a drink.  I wish they could have seen him on clean up duty today!  I love America.

Speaking of America, I am certain that I used to be able to buy white eggs there, but have not seen any of those since we got to Beijing.  Dyeing brown eggs was a bit of a challenge tonight.

Thank goodness for stickers – and to our friends who had the foresight to send us an egg coloring kit – it never even occurred to me!

(The exposure was way off when I took this, so I lightened it up in iPhoto, because look at those faces!)

Have a happy Easter!

**Cameras were not allowed at the event today, but if the official photographer got any good pics of the kids I’ll be sure to share them!

2 Responses to Easter Saturday

  1. Sure makes me smile to see the picture and hear the story of the kids’ Easter! Glad the embassy makes sure you all get to enjoy American events. Wish I could have heard Naomi’s Easter story on the phone better last night. I’d like to know all about Easter camp, too.

  2. Julie Ortiz Lauterbach

    What an ADVENTURE!!!

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