Gratuitous Photo Post – Honglingjin Park Edition

Today I needed to go to the kids’ school to pay for Will’s Chess Club (you read that right), and because it was such a beautiful day I decided to take them to the park behind their school for a few hours.  I took a lot of pictures of their school as well, but I’d prefer to write an actual post about those and don’t have the energy to do it right now, so tonight you get pictures of our afternoon at the park!

She had an audience outside the fence. It started with 4 men. I didn't feel as creepy as it looks.

I can totally see this happening for real.

Hippos are native to China, right?

Both of their classes have played on this caterpillar this week!

One of 5 ping pong tables in the park.

Even Beijing traffic looks pretty from here.

After all of this fun we rode the bus home.

A little ragged, but they're sleeping well now and that is all that matters!

Happy weekend!

4 Responses to Gratuitous Photo Post – Honglingjin Park Edition

  1. No jackets! Short sleeves! Popsicles!

  2. Looks like a perfect day!!! I can totally see the Naomi/Travis car situation, too!!!

  3. Looks like everyone had a good time.
    Happy you found a fun way to spend your birthday.
    Pat is right – what a change in your weather from a few weeks back.

  4. I am constantly amazed at all there is to do. Looks like everyone is having a blast! :)

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