Naomi Sleeps in China

Rather than start a new blog, I’ll just post pictures of Naomi sleeping in China here!  A few of these were featured previously, back in the dark days – two weeks ago – when we first got here and she was sleeping from 7pm until 3am or so . . .

This one was taken the first Saturday we were here, with a large group at the loud Paulaner Brauhaus:

And this one is from the Temple Fair this week:

Stay tuned! I am sure there will be more like these!


Now that Naomi has adjusted to the time change I don’t have many sleeping pictures to post, but I took this one last night about an hour after she went to bed. How does this happen in such a short time?!

At least now we know why her hair is always a little crazy!

9 Responses to Naomi Sleeps in China

  1. OMG that last one is epic.

  2. Katie Shea Britton

    Love, love, love these!

  3. Kind of makes me sleepy! Love it!!!!

  4. My FAVORITE is the one of miss Naomi sleeping on Travi’s shoulders….TOO CUTE!!!

  5. Makes me sleepy just looking at them!!

  6. You need to add the one on the dining room chair. My personal favorite.

  7. “Naomi sleeps in China” Sound likes a band name. Really nice blog, quartCourt. As you tell, I had fun poking around on it. All the Best to you guys!

    • I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! I am having a lot of fun writing it. It’s a good outlet, and it makes me stop and put all of the weirdness here in perspective, which is a good thing! So glad you’re here!

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